Language matters. It shapes thought.





Are you quick on your feet and artistic with your words? Can you change the atmosphere in a room with your renditions? Does the thought of stage tempt your imagination? If yes, then Retake is the event for you!


Testing the best minds of Bangalore in a whirlpool of literary questions, attend Engquizitive to establish yourself in the quizzing circuit of Bangalore!


To spell well, is not an easy task.
You must be precise and you have to be fast. At Engenius 2017, we present to you- ‘SPELLABRATE’ a one of its kind spelling event, with four grueling rounds to test your spelling skills!


Converse, the slam poetry event, is a performance poetry competition where poets are encouraged to deliver a message or emotion as strongly as possible.


The largest event in Engenius 2017, Oratorical is here to test the limits of how fast your mind can keep up with your incredibly fast mouth. Oratorical will see your will to survive, how many topics you can juggle at once, whether it’s within the limit of just one minute, and whether you’re still standing after all of this.


Do you make music? Can you bring words to life with a tune? Put your voices together and harmonize with your group and 'let's get lyrical'!!

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Number of teams per school: 1
Number of students per team: 4
Open to grades: 9-12
Note: Participants are not allowed to participate in any other event in Engenius.

ELIMINATION 1 - Seconds,anyone?
Seconds, anyone? Is an online elimination in which teams are required to submit a 1 min video performance on a topic of their choice no later than 1 August 2017(Deadline has been postponed to 14 August 2017). Video entries need to be privately shared with through Youtube. The top teams will be notified of their selection for the subsequent rounds which will be held on the main event day.

Mad Ads is an on-the-spot event where teams will be given one minute to present their most creative advertisement of a product allotted to them. Top teams will progress to the final round.

FINAL - Dramarama
Dramarama requires finalist teams to improvise a scripted classic play that will be performed by the NPS Indiranagar dramatics troupe.

Any profanity will lead to immediate disqualification.
All teams are required to preregister due to limited availability of spots.

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Number of teams per school: 2
Number of students per team: 2
Open to grades: 7 -9

1. Written prelims - 6 Teams into the final
2. 20 questions covering English literature, etymology, and grammar.
3. There will be in-built tiebreakers.

1. An audio-visual Q and A consisting of five ROUNDS where teams will battle it out for the coveted Engquizitive 2017 trophy.
2. Maximum of one team per school in Round 2.
3. Quizmaster is God.

1. No mobile phones will be allowed in the auditorium during the quiz.
2. Teams from the same school cannot be seated together.
3. Cheating will lead to immediate disqualification.

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Maximum number of teams per school: 2
Number of students per team: 2
Open to grades: 6-8
Note: Teams participating in this event cannot take part in any other event in Engenius.

Round 1 : ‘ALOHAMORA’ - A written elimination round.
Round 2 : ‘REVELIO’ - A mystery round that will be revealed to participants on the day of Engenius.
Round 3 : ‘EXPELLIARMUS’ - A round where participants must spell the most number of words in one minute.
Round 4 : ‘FINITE INCANTATEM’ - The final round, which will be a buzzer round.

1. Participants are encouraged to carry their own stationery.
2. Use of electronic devices is strictly forbidden.
3. Cheating will lead to immediate disqualification.

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Number of students per team: 1 to 4
Open to grades: 10,11,12
Maximum teams per school 2

To enhance their performances, participants are allowed to use any form of visual or performing arts as a supplement. This supplementary element will not be individually judged, and is only meant to increase the effectiveness of the performance in its delivery. Additionally, the supplement could be recorded, live, or a mix of both. If it is live, there must be NOT MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE providing the supplement. It is important to note that the supplementary element is NOT COMPULSORY: it is up to the participants to choose if they want to use it or not.Participants will be judged on BOTH content and delivery of the performance.Event Structure:a. Poems MUST be ORIGINAL works and only in ENGLISH.
b. No usage of reference material while performing.
c. The event will take place in 2 rounds. Both rounds are prepared rounds.

Round 1 1. Participants are required to perform their original piece for a time period of 1-2 minutes.
2. This is an elimination round. The 8 top performing teams/ individuals will be selected for the final round.

Round 2 1.Here participants must perform another original for 2-3 minutes.
2. To ensure the content remains age-appropriate we must place a few restrictions on the content of the poems. The poems must not include:
1. Profanity
2. Any reference to genitalia.
3. Specific names of people or organisations.
4. Religious propaganda/slander.
The poems can be about, but are NOT LIMITED to:
1. Environment
2. Feminism
3. Identity
4. LGBTQ+ rights
5. Mental health/ illnesses
6. Relationships
7. Social Pressures

Participants will be required to send both poems (only the written content) that they have prepared to NPS Indiranagar via email by 5 August 2017 (Deadline changed to 14 August 2017). Participants whose poems are not approved will NOT be allowed to perform on the day of the competition.Reference Videos:a. Relapse, Blythe Baird
b. Ode to the Selfie, Megan Falley and Olivia Gatwood
These are only examples of slam poetry, and they need not be similar to what participants choose to perform.

For further details, contact us at


This event consists of two sub-events, StandUp and SpeakUp, which will be judged separately with separate winners.
Schools are required to send 4 (1+3) member teams with 1 member for the StandUp comedy event (Optional) and a 3 member team for the SpeakUp event.

Maximum number of teams per school : 1
Team members : 3 (SpeakUp), + 1 (StandUp)
Open to grades : 6-9(SpeakUp), 11(StandUp)

Event - StandUp:
A Stand Up comedy event, For only Class 11
1. Scripts must be submitted to by August 1 (Deadline has been POSTPONED to 14 August 2017) for approval.
2. Participants can bring props (like water bottles, musical instruments, etc.)
3. Judging will be done by 3 student judges from senior classes: Judging parameters include content, clarity, timing and audience reaction.
4. Participants are allowed to speak for 3-4 minutes on any topic of their choice.
5. Scripts must be ORIGINAL. Plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification.
6.Profanity will not be tolerated.

Event- SpeakUp:
All schools participating must send a 3 member team for this sub-event.

Elimination Round - Extempore:
1. Each team sends 1 representative.
2. .Preparation Time : 90 seconds, Speaking Time : 90 seconds
--Participants have three levels of difficulty to pick from : Hands-Down, Run-of-the-Mill and Cold-Blooded
--Choosing from the Hands-Down basket will get no bonus points, but a topic change will incur a loss of 2 points
--Choosing from the Run-of-the-Mill basket will get you a bonus of 3 points, but a topic change will incur a loss of 1 point
3. Judging criteria include Content, Fluency and Presentation.
4. 8 teams will be selected for the final rounds based on the performance of the one representative.
5.Choosing from the Cold-Blooded basket will get you a bonus of 5 points, but a topic change will incur no loss
6.Only one topic change is permitted.
7.Participants cannot change their level of difficulty once chosen

Each team sends 1 representative for each round. 1 person from a team cannot participate more than one round.

JAM (Just A Minute):
1. 1 representative from each time participates, 8 participants in total.
Participant 1 is given a topic and 1 minute to speak about the topic.
2. If the participant stammers, deviates from topic or repeats a point, other participants can JAM (Stop the participant from continuing to speak) participant 1. The other participant now gets to speak for the remaining time.
3. Any number of JAMs can occur during the assigned one minute.
Participants must specify the reason as to why they said JAM, if the reason is deemed invalid, they shall lose a point and the previous participant shall continue to speak.
4. Only criteria for judging is the total time spoken for. Participant with the greatest amount of time spoken (in seconds) will be accepted as winner of the round.
5. Participants lose 1 point for every JAM on them and gain 1 point for every JAM on another participant
6. If a participant JAMs wrongly twice, the participant loses 1 point.

Air Crash:
1. The scene is a crashing airplane with only one parachute left. Participants are put into this hypothetical situation as characters.
2. Each participant must convince the adjudicator as to why their character needs the parachute.
3. The debate works in pairs.
4. Participants should FIRST DEFEND themselves and only then rebut the opponent.
5. Total Speaking Time (for both participants) : 3 minutes.
6. Participants will also have to answer ONE QUESTION from either of the moderators.
7. Progression to the next round will be decided by a show of hands.

1. Each participant is given a topic and 30 minutes to prepare FOR AND AGAINST the topic with speaking time of 2 minutes.
4. When the adjudicator says “Turn Coat” the participant must switch their stance on the topic.
5. Participants will be judged by appointed judges on Flow, Content and Clarity.

Points for each event are 30,20,10 for first, second and third place respectively. Total points in all four events will decide the winners of SpeakUp.

For any clarification regarding event details, contact us at


let's get lyrical

Maximum number of teams per school: 2
Maximum number of students per team: 8 (+ 2 for instrumentals- optional)
Open to Grades: 9-12

1. It is a group event only, no individual participants.
2. Lyrics must be submitted by August 14. Lyrics submitted after August 14 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
3. The groups will be judged based on creativity, style and musicality.
4. Entries must not include profanities; violation of this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.
5. Participants must bring their own acoustic instrument like keyboard, guitar, cajon, djembe,etc.
6. Time limit is 3+2 minutes (including setting up on stage)
For further details, contact us at